Architectural elements and displays that accent a space and/or provide a function (i.e. visual enhancement, acoustical, artistic and so on).

Top Winner

NHL Hockey Pucks

Rainier Industries Ltd. ,

The project consisted of building thirty-two 6 foot tall oversized backlit hockey pucks to serve as the main feature outside the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville for the 2016 NHL All Star Game.

Sub Categories

Commercial Interiors

Fabric designs created to enhance interiors in commercial settings. Examples of projects in this category may include sound baffling or light diffusing systems, ceiling treatments, freestanding room dividers.

Fabric Art

A fabric art piece created to enhance an interior/exterior space. Projects submitted in this category must be 3-dimensional and utilize a specialty fabric. Examples include sculptures, one-of-a-kind art pieces and banners.

Fabric Graphics

All fabric graphic projects in which the majority of the work consists of applying graphics to fabric products. Projects in this category may include banners and banner-related products, awnings & canopies, side curtains/soft sides for trucks and tents. Products may be printed via dye sublimation; direct print; silk-screening; heat transfer, heat-sealed inset.


A fabric façade used for the purpose of advertisement or to enhance the exterior of a building.

Interior Display

A fabric display with or without graphics designed to be used as temporary interior exhibit, trade show booth, commercial display, stage events or theater production.