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Pacific Fair Resort Roof

Fabritecture (UFS Australasia Pty Ltd T/A Fabritecture) -

The Resort Roof project was part of the $670million Pacific Fair Shopping Centre redevelopment.

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250 of geodesic domes for event

Covertex Membranes (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

The Project consists of 250 geodesic domes, each domes is made of two kinds of membrane white fabric PVC & glass clear pure PVC membrane for skylight.

Centro Sur Mall

Dunn Arquitectura Ligera S.A De C.V.

Cover pedestrian area without ground support so all the structure will be supported from the roof.

Cerro Moreno Airport’s Textile Roof

Comercial Industrial Delta SA (CIDELSA)

Opened in 1954 and located in Antofagasta, is currently the largest passenger airport in the II Region of Chile.

Chevron Renaissance

MakMax Australia

The Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre is a retail complex located in Surfers Paradise, on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. The project required the installation of

Client Company Organic Composting Facility

Shelter Structures Inc.

The project specifications originated with an innovative environmental technology group that needed help designing a series of state of the art Organic Recycling Facilities for the state.


Lonas Lorenzo S.A. De C.V.

C.O.D.E. PARADERO is a facility for high performance sports, such as Football Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, Cycling, amongst others,
A Olympic swimming and diving pool were set to be constructed in the late 2014, lasting almost 1.5 years to be completed, and with a 3,937 sq.mt.

Cuauhtémoc Stadium


The Cuauhtémoc Stadium, FC PUEBLA team home, is the firts stadium in America covered on the entire facade with ETFE.

El Refugio

Dunn Arquitectura Ligera S.A De C.V.

Cover an historic building without damaging the structure


Lonas Lorenzo S.A. De C.V.

Esfera City Center is located southeast of Monterrey NL, it’s the housing development with the largest shopping center of the city, and the first of the kind to not have an air conditioning system, which is why we were asked to make a proposal to cover 14,500 sqm for the commercial track and to generate open spaces for ventilation and lighting of the commercial areas.

Lienzo Charro Durango

Dunn Arquitectura Ligera S.A De C.V.

Project Details Fabric Name 1:Précontraint 1002 Fluotop T2 Fabric Producer 1:Serge Ferrari North America Inc. Engineer: Andrés Villaseñor, Dünn Lightweight Architecture Design: Roberto Muñoz, Dünn Lightweight Architecture Architect: Roberto Muñoz, Dünn Lightweight Architecture Fabrication: Dünn Lightweight Architecture Sub-Contractor: DSS Dynamic Steel Structures Project Manager: Felipe Jauregui, Dünn Lightweight Architecture Installation: Dünn Lightweight Architecture Content is submitted by the participant. IFAI is not …

Miami Zoo Cloud

Birdair Inc.

To design, fabricate, supply and install a new plaza entry ‘cloud’ structure for the zoo, totaling 38,000 square feet of PTFE membrane and PVC Mesh, at the Miami Zoo in Miami, FL.

Museo Rafael Coronel

Dunn Arquitectura Ligera S.A De C.V.

Covering a downed ceiling on an historic building with ETFE maintaining the feeling of being outdoors.

North County Transfer Station

Span Systems Inc.

The North County Transfer Center features two 280-foot-long PTFE tensile fabric bus passenger shelters. Each has space for up to four buses at a time to pick up and drop off passengers. Each shelter complex has five connected sections, each section working as a separate, graduated barrel vault shape.

Pacific Fair Resort Roof

Fabritecture (UFS Australasia Pty Ltd T/A Fabritecture) -

The Resort Roof project was part of the $670million Pacific Fair Shopping Centre redevelopment.

Perth Children’s Hospital

Fabritecture (UFS Australasia Pty Ltd T/A Fabritecture)

As part of the initiative to replace the existing Princess Margaret Hospital, the Perth Children’s Hospital redevelopment included a complete upgrade of the Hospital and its facilities. Shade structures were required for an outdoor children’s playground located at the new Hospital.

Quanzhou Membrane Structure Project

Beijing N&L Fabric Technology Co., Ltd.

Along with South Korea’s Gwangju and Japan’s Yokohama, China’s ancient trading port Quanzhou was designated as an “East Asia City of Culture”.

Shanghai Institute of Technology Athletic Field Stand Canopy

Shanghai Taiyo Kogyo Co. Ltd.

Canopy for Athletic field stand o Shanghai Institute of Technology, FengXian Campus.

Shenxi Base of Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group Membrane Structure

Beijing N&L Fabric Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenxi Base of Shenyang Yuanda Enterprise Group Membrane Structure is located in Benxi City, Liaoning Province.

Simpson Pavilion

FabriTec Structures LLC

Located at 1001 SW Bradbury Way, Simpson Pavilion is a covered, multi-purpose, recreation pavilion including a full-sized NHL ice rink situated on 11 acres of municipal property.

Solar Ship Aircraft Assembly Hangar

Legacy Building Solutions of Canada

Solar Ship Inc. builds hybrid aircraft to service remote areas without relying on fossil fuels, roads or runways.

Super Bowl City Hyundai Event Structure


This project was a one-story steel frame structure with a flat roof and horizontal glass siding.

Tanglewood Music Valley Stage Revolving Roof Project

Beijing N&L Fabric Technology Co., Ltd.

Tanglewood Music Valley is located in Yanqing District of Beijing City, which is the holy land of Beijing music lovers.

Taphouse 23 Patio Structure Solution

Anchor Industries Inc.

Taphouse 23 offers their customers an exquisite dining experience served in a warm, rustic-industrial venue with a premiere outdoor patio bar. The client requested a structure solution for protecting open areas of the Taphouse 23 patio.

The One that Housed 20,000

Mahaffey Fabric Structures

In the fall of October 2015, we were contacted with a need to provide tents to house a _ square-foot attraction — a religious holiday event and grand opening dedication ceremony of the community’s newly built, and highly anticipated Mosque unveiling celebration

Tron Post Show, Disney

Covertex Membranes (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.

The facade of the SGM pavilion is a sculptural double curved geometry through simple lightweight rain screen technology illustrated ,which have been covered by PTFE membranes is around 900m2.