Company: Hawkes Bay Trim and Canvas Ltd Mahora, HKB

Project Details

Fabric Name 1: vinyl
Design: Owain Jones, Hawkes Bay trim and Canvas
Fabrication: Owain Jones, Hawkes Bay trim and Canvas
Project Manager: Owain Jones, Hawkes Bay trim and Canvas
Installation: Owain Jones, Hawkes Bay trim and Canvas

Please describe the project specifications.

The customer came to us with a bare shell of a car with no existing upholstery on the seat frame or soft top hood. We were tasked with foaming the seats and fabricating all the panels in the car as well as covering them in a deep burgundy marine vinyl. The soft top was made using a sports car topping to match the upholstery and was made from scratch using only a couple of photos to gauge shape sizes.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose of this job was to reupholster the inside of a very rare 1920 OAKLAND. And also make a new convertible roof top and sides

What is unique or complex about the project?

1920 was a long time ago, and long before the age of everyone carrying a camera, therefore any reference materials for things built in that era are very hard to come by. Our customer is passionate about vintage cars and this shines through in the amazing job he has done on restoring the body of this very special car. The seat frame was re-sprung and a deep button design drawn up for the customers approval. He was delighted and the project was under way. Side panels were cut and covered using a vinyl chosen to match the colour of the burgundy paint. After the interior was complete a new hood had to be made. Again there was no pattern or reference material as to what it was supposed to look like or how it was to be finished. The colour again chosen to match the burgundy paint couldn’t have been any closer. The Roof was made and a clear panel put in the back for a rear view window. Side panels were made and fitted and the bottoms held in place by discretely hidden magnets.

What were the results of the project?

This job was a tricky one in the sense that there is no patterns or reference material as to the finer details, such as the way things are held in place or finished at the edges. Fortunately a very passionate customer in this case is a good thing. He was very pleased with the result and has had many compliments at various vintage car shows around the place.

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