Removal, transport, treatment and final disposal of sewage sludge SEP-3090 from Ecopetrol Refinery at Barrancabermeja, Colombia, S.A.

TenCate Geosynthetics Americas Pendergrass, GA - ,

The separating unit, in addition to receiving storm water waste from the industrial area also converges as "fresh" catalysts of the UOPI cracking unit, which, according to reports from the refinery operation, presents problems in the loading process of the hoppers, as well as sludge of the U-2900 water plants, by dragging or disposing of …

Superyacht Sea Anchor with Integrated Rescue Sysem

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There has been rapid growth in the number of super-yachts globally, and increasing demand for ways to protect these in the event of extreme weather, equipment failure or other emergencies at sea. The demand is driven by the growth and increasing value of the fleet, by insurance and other requirements, by growing recognition of risks …

Industrial mineral warehouse roof – Impala Terminals

Comercial Industrial Delta SA (CIDELSA) Lima, - ,

The project consisted of a roof for the minerals store of the company Impala Terminals, belonging to the Swiss group Transfigura. With an area of 120,000 sqm with heights up to 35 sqm.

The use of geosynthetics to carry out protection over the highland beach of Zhuoshui River

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This project is located in Central Taiwan, at the downstream of the flood plain of Zhuoshui river. The high flow period is from May to October, therefore its defense flood levels are up to 24,000 m3/s. The annual rainfall in the mountain catchment area reaches 2,000 to 3,000 mm. Therefore, this phenomenon is prone to …

Catch LA

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This is a custom designed motorized retractable roof system that is wind & waterproof, designed to 110 mph wind speeds. Fully retracts in 60 seconds has built in gutter system.

Lakeside Wedding Private Tent Rental

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At the end of 2015, we were contacted by an event planner to provide our services for a wedding to happen in August 2016. The selected venue was a superb lakeside private property in the well-off neighborhood of Estérel, Quebec.

Acoustical Ceiling Cloud

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When renovating the rooftop terrace at West 77 in Chicago, an environment was envisioned with fluid motion and energy, one that would embody the contemporary urban lifestyle of the residents. Taking inspiration from waves, the pool deck captures this concept with the integration of a flowing overhead canopy.

Beneteau Oceanis 45 The Yacht Share Design

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A Spray Dodger, Bimini and link Sheet combination that flow's and enhances the deck lines while combining the factory Targa to join them into an extra outside space out of the elements. We have designed and installed a Spray Dodger, Bimini and Link Sheet combination that flows and enhances the deck lines while incorporating the …