The massive size of the fabric tensile structure is unique for the setting of an open air 47 acre site venue with specialty shops, restaurants and an amphitheater.

To design, fabricate and install 16,700 square feet of PTFE fiberglass membrane inverted cones to create coverage and shade for travelers seeking rental cars at the San Diego International Airport.

The purpose of the structure was to provide protection for patrons beneath the canopy from the open elements. The stadium was constructed as part of the National Football Stadium’s redevelopment in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

The Resort Roof project was part of the $670million Pacific Fair Shopping Centre redevelopment.

The Brooklyn Roasting Company has a fleet of portable coffee carts in public park and private company places where it sells cold-brewed coffee.

Mixed structure using cables, membrane and steel structure, 5 steel arms between the edge and the wall of the building makes this fixed elements at different height allows the membrane to take a dynamic shape that is tensioned with edge cables.

Solar Ship Inc. builds hybrid aircraft to service remote areas without relying on fossil fuels, roads or runways.

The facade of the SGM pavilion is a sculptural double curved geometry through simple lightweight rain screen technology illustrated ,which have been covered by PTFE membranes is around 900m2.

The newly expanded and renovated portion of Dolphin Mall opened to shoppers on Tuesday, September 15th after 18 months of construction.

Covering the exhibition area of horses and cattle in general.