This project is a follow up construction for “Cijin Coastline Protection Program”. The site is located in Cijin, Kaohsiung, the most important harbor in Taiwan.

The dune reinforcement alternative consists of dune reinforcement along 3,100 linear feet of the shoreline, waterward of existing shoreline structures in downtown Montauk.

The government intended to reconstruct this area as a multifunction ecological park providing recreational space, a scenic environment and a water-detention basin.

The project specific requirement was for the geosynthetic engineer to design a permanent wall system unique to the formidable site challenges at the U.S. Bank Stadium location in downtown Minneapolis, MN.

Parkdale Creek Crossing is a 10m high, road embankment with a 12m span, Bridge-Plate arch culvert passing through its center.

The purpose of the project of the project was install Geobag units to form coffer dams underneath 20m of water along the leading edge of the bottom slab and along the base of the dividing wall of the Gatun Locks.

The project involved significant expansion of airport runway and taxiway areas over existing wetlands. The new embankments fills ranged in thickness from 2 to 5.5 feet, with thick asphalt surfaces on top.

This is a large geosynthetic detention basin project which is located at Northbound Ramp of Shalu Interchange, Central Taiwan. The total area of the site is around 6,000 m2.

The project involved the construction of a reinforced soil wall with vegetation facing by using geogrids as an alternative solution for the landfill capping. This method was used to replace the traditional and conventional method to build the gentle slope capping to maximize the municipal solid waste dump

27 km of geotextile tubes were installed to reclaim the 4.1 km by 26m wide works platforms and construct the 600,000 m3 dredged sediment containment facility for construction of Lach Huyen Bridge.