It’s always exciting when someone brings there passion to you so you can apply yours to it, this project was a VE Valiant, originally a four door that our customer had transformed into a two door in his shed at home, like I said he’s passionate. Our project was to, in stages, make and fit a new interior to this very special build.

Customer needed a seat for a custom 1923 T-Bucket. He was using a piece of foam until he could figure out what would look best. Materials used: Upholstery Leather

Vehicle arrived as chassis plus wooden “box” with pillars to hold windscreen, being the frame to be trimmed. Seats were bare wood on bare metal frames with springs to be built in. Blue vehicle carpet and blue leather hides were selected and sourced. Leather hides underwent rigorous checks to ensure no flaws were worked into the trimming. Patterns were carefully created and fitted for every panel to avoid any mistakes involving leather. Due to cost, wastage had to be minimized – and mistakes would have been very costly. Door cards – leather was stitched to 10mm trim-foam and fluted, with great emphasis on consistent and straight fluting. This was fitted to 4 door-cards, with the two opening doors covered in carpet for the lower half to avoid damage on the leather. Special storage pockets were fabricated as part of the front door cards Floor Carpets – shaped, bound and laid in 2 sections; special access section created to access under-floor battery. Carpet was left as removable in case it got wet as the vehicle will be a convertible. A special leather-boot was designed and fabricated for the handbrake.

Restore interior as close to original as possible, using modern fabrics.

This was a “frame-up”restoration of an historic iron frame Turkish rocker from the early 1890’s.