Studio HHH, Somerville MA / Transformit, Gorham, ME - ,

A temporary installation of eight 9’ x 17’ x 2’ "Pixies", frame supported stretch-fabric sculptural elements, configured in a 40’ serpentine array and suspended from the lobby ceiling of the Exchange at 100 Federal Street in Boston, Massachusetts. The installation was illuminated with projection-mapped lighting and video art to create a fluid and changing visual …

McKesson GORILLABrellas

SHADE Industries Inc. Phoenix, AZ - ,

The McKesson installation consists of four towering GORILLABrellas that are intertwined with each other. These structures are placed in and around a walkway and seating area situated in a landscaped plaza between office buildings, and provide a total of 3,560 square feet of shade.

Testing Tower Rottweil, Germany

Taiyo Europe GmbH Sauerlach, - ,

The concrete tower shaft of Thyssenkrupp's test tower for elevators in Rottweilwas built with sliding formwork. The façade is made of 16,000 square meter PTFE-coated fiberglass mesh membrane. Towards the top, the degree of opening of the fabric increases (15% / 18% / 22% / 27%) to make the construction light and filigree. The membrane …

Druid Hill Reservoir – Temporary Lined Stone Cofferdam

Hallaton Environmental Linings Sparks, MD - ,

IFAI AWARDS ENTRY Installer: HALLTON ENVIRONMENTAL LININGS Project Name: Druid Hill Reservoir-Temporary Lined Stone Cofferdam Project Description Our Company located in Sparks, Maryland is proud to have installed the geosynthetic liner portion of a temporary stone cofferdam at the iconic Baltimore location of Druid Hill Park in June 2018. Druid Hill Park was inaugurated in …

Ralph Lauren 50th Anniversary

Eventstar Structures Medley, FL - ,

To celebrate Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary, the company took over Central Park’s Bethesda Terrace to host a fashion show for the ages. 10,000 sq. ft. of structures were erected to serve as the venue for this momentous occasion for such an iconic American brand.

A “Skater” with Style

Chicago Marine Canvas - ,

The customer requested to recover all of his exterior upholstery in his 28' Skater twin outboard-powered performance catamaran. The project required changing the design features, the majority of the foam shapes within each seat along with all of the vinyl.