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Project Details

Fabric 1

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Engineer Company 1
BuroHappold Engineers, London

Design Company
Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), London

Architect Company
Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), London

Fabrication Company
Fabric Images Europe

Subcontractor Company
Fabric Images Europe

Project Manager Company
Fabric Images Europe

Installation Company
Fabric Images Europe

Please describe the project specifications

As part of their re-brand launch, Intralot took advantage of their 6500 square foot environment for the ICE Gaming exhibition in London with a new build showcasing innovation and their dynamic personality. Pulling inspiration from the styling of Zaha Hadid, three groups of tension fabric “petals” soared throughout the space, standing nearly 20 feet in height.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The ICE Gaming expo acted as a launch platform that would generate global exposure. The petals were part of a new organic look for the brand that would showcase their presence in the world of gaming. The positioning and fabrication was critical as the unique design placed a great deal of emphasis on the brand on the show floor, as well five designated product areas within the space. While the petals appear simple enough in nature, their complexities had to be accounted for upfront in the engineering phase.

What is unique or complex about the project?

For the petals to meet the design requirements, they had to be completely self-standing, meaning there could be no rigging points. Working with a team of engineers, calculations were run to make sure the structures would be able to resist without hang points. This led to the frame structures being constructed using a perimeter tube only, 5 inches in diameter. Each of the frames was custom-bent to the organic shapes and weighted at the bottom with large base plates.

In order to create the perfect fabric shape over the frame, a 1:5 scale mock-up was created for each petal shape. Once perfected, the results were multiplied by five allowing the fabrics to fit perfectly at the first fitting. The fabric utilized was a double stretch knit in optic white. While not designed specifically for front projection, it allows excellent performance in terms of projection and light reflection, another key element of the design.

What were the results of the project?

Aside from the petals, other fabric elements within the space included the conference room surround graphics, sound proof ceilings, counters and monitor walls. The complete install was accomplished in 5 days.

Prior to our company becoming involved in the fabrication, several manufacturing companies turned down the project, saying it was too difficult, too short of a timeline and too low of a budget. Since jumping in and completing, the client feedback has been extremely positive. As stated by Natassa Lianou, Director / Architect with Lianou Chalvatzis Architects (LC-A), London, the designing architect, “The pavilion was impressive and our design was transferred with the best way possible. The client was very happy and everyone in the exhibition were amazed and could not believe that we made it. It was a very challenging and innovative design that [our manufacturer] made it real. We had a great collaboration and we are looking forward to our next joint adventures.”

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