Covertex Membranes (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Shanghai,

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: OTHER

Engineer Company 1
covertex membranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Architect Company
Laceco international architects & engineers

Fabrication Company
covertex membranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Installation Company
Dong-Ast Co.,Ltd

Please describe the project specifications

The Project consists of the design and construction of the Abdali Mall Central Market with ca. 12000m2 ETFE canopy in Amman, Jordan. Silver dots printed ETFE (80% opacity): 3640m2, silver dots printed ETFE (60% opacity): 2994m2, and white fritted ETFE (90% opacity): 5000m2 will be used. The single-layer ETFE-foil canopies consist of 9 blocks, T1~T9, which cover the open area of the Abdali mall and provides weather protection.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

Abdali Mall is Amman's new downtown that provides the Jordanian capital with the central business and it create a model of modernization in the Kingdom and the region. 9 blocks of ETFE-foil canopies as atriums connect commercial district and residential destination. Client expect ETFE canopies could collect enough visitors’ attractive and can achieve high energy-saving level.

What is unique or complex about the project?

For achieve the energy-saving requirement, in collaboration with supplier PATI to design very special fritting ink and pattern to reduce the shading coefficient. Sidewalk & open-air restaurant used 90% opacity ETFE that people feel cooler underneath during summer months. 80% & 60% opacity ETFE are mainly distributed in the central region get more visual light and not much sun radiation from sky.
The ETFE-foil is pre-tensioned and reinforced with galvanized cables (PE coated) withstanding external loads including wind, snow, etc.
The structural roof-part made out of steel and structural cables as a special frame structures. The ETFE-foils are attached on rigid skeleton structures with special aluminum-alloy extrusions.

What were the results of the project?

As of right now the project has been finished, the ETFE atriums are made of different opacities ETFE membrane so that its appearance is gorgeous. It has fully reflected Architect’s original intention of unique open-air features, believe our project will make this area increasingly popular.

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