Aureus Custom Canvas LLC Pasadena, MD

Project Details

Fabric 1


Subcontractor Name
Sandy Kloster

Subcontractor Company
Sew 4U Embroidery

Please describe the project specifications

The project consist of a leaning post seat created to reflect the United States of America flag on a Mako 21 center console boat. The seat was fabricated utilizing Seabrook Cantech White vinyl for the white strips, Beluga Cherry red vinyl for the red strips, Softside Apex Midnight vinyl for back of the stars and piping around the sides and Endeavor Hidden Creek Autumn Camo vinyl for the sides and the full back all from The Miami Corp. The stars where embroidered using white Sunbrella embroidery thread and the remainder of the seat was sewn with SolarFix white thread.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

My customer wanted a mixture of Patriotism with a feeling of country redneck. His idea of the American flag and a trim in camouflage was a perfect way to express himself.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The unique and complex part of this project was creating the American flag on a leaning post seat. The design was complex because we had to get 14 strips and 50 stars on a seat this size. The seat was designed on pattern paper and then each strip was cut out, traced on the vinyl and then cut, sewn and top stitched only on the white strips. Not only having to get the 14 strips in the right order and equally sized but we had to get 50 stars equally spaced out for embroidering in a small box.

What were the results of the project?

The result of the project was everything and much much more than our customer expected. He was extremely pleased. Not only does the seat represent his patriotism to our country but it also blended his flare of redneck country with the camo that matched his lettering on his boat. He cannot wait to see what we have planned for his main fishing boat.

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