Marine Tops Unlimited

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Supplier: Keyston Bros.

Project Manager Name
Kyle Van Damme

Project Manager Company
Marine Tops Unlimited

Please describe the project specifications

This bimini top, double cantilever extension awnings, and 3/4 enclosure were made to be ultra user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. They entire frame is made so it easily folds up into one big boot. Both the front and rear cantilever bows are mounted to jaw slides on the vertical support arms for the main bimini top which are not riveted or have a set screw but rather have a large quick release pin so they are able to slide down to the support arm and be re-pinned into place so that all of the frames will fold up and lay at the same level when the frame is laid back in the booted storage position. the horizontal support arms for the cantilever bows that put tension on the top all have quick release pins to easily remove and stow away when the frame is in the booted position. We also labeled each support arm for easy re-installation.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

This customer came in with some interesting ideas and requests to be able to achieve the goal to keep his wife, who has some skin issues, out of the sun. He also wanted a 3/4 enclosure to be able to get out of the weather and for early/late season boating. We pitched the idea to him of building a bimini with both a front and rear cantilever awning setup in which the frames and support arms would all be built with quick release pins to allow for easy folding and booting of the frame.

What is unique or complex about the project?

It turns out this was a large engineering project that had to be carefully designed with many other variables in mind to make sure the end product would work properly, look good, and still fold up into a boot to stow away. It was difficult to design a frame that would do all of this. It is a 4 bow main bimini and 1 front cantilever bow and one rear cantilever bow both mounted on the vertical support arms. We do these types of cantilever frames often but usually for larger boat and many times for a camper back setup so this was something new to us.

What were the results of the project?

The customer was very pleased with the finished product and was blown away by the level of complexity of the frame which we were able to make work properly for him. He commented himself that it was high level engineering and he was very impressed. We were very happy with the way it turned out are were glad to see the customer love the finished project!

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