Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Project Details

Fabric 1

Top Gun
Producer: Marlen Textiles
Supplier: The Miami Corp.

Fabric 2

Solar Fix Thread
Producer: Solar Fix Thread
Supplier: The Miami Corp.

Design Name
Bob Kotowski, Rob Kotowski

Design Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Fabrication Name
Rob Kotowski, Gregory Phillips, Jake Koch, Laurie Boyle, Diana Boskovich, Phyllis Gielow

Fabrication Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Project Manager Name
Bob Kotowski, Rob Kotowski

Project Manager Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Installation Name
Rob Kotowski, Gregory Phillips

Installation Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Please describe the project specifications

Let’s go hunting…ducks! This job was to create an adjustable frame that allowed the customer protection while he is hunting. The customer wanted an easy solution to setting up his blind and also be protected by the weather and elements. He wanted all main parts of the cockpit and trolling motor covered and protected. The customer also needed to be able to fold down the frame inside the boat while running with the boat on the water. This frame structure also needed to sit in the folded position when trailering the boat by truck so the custom full travel cover we built could be installed to cover the cockpit when not in use.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

To design a frame that would allow a blind to be built off of it, so that the customer and dog are hidden from a duck’s view. This frame is designed with adjustable tent poles so it is easy to set up and close down. But, what also is unique about this design is that it can be set up at different heights and widths for different people or hunting options. We bent 7/8” stainless steel tubing for the main bow supports and rigid supports that are secured to the boat that help support the weight load of this job.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This project threw us a few curveballs, mainly on the custom framework. We needed to reach a certain height and width for the customer, but we also needed to make sure it all collapsed and fit inside when pulling this by trailer so it was all covered by the full cover we also had made for the boat. We also had a ton of sewing on this job by adding belting on both side so the customer could hang his reeds to help cover the boat. This project also can be set up at different levels to help assist the boater for different hunting situations.

What were the results of the project?

We feel we created an effective blind and framework that will allow the customer to use easily while hunting. This project made us put on our thinking cap, as the customer provided us photos and options of designs he liked on other boats. However, his boat had a different line of site, which would not allow for a standard duck blind to be built. We are proud to say there are less ducks in the area this year because of this design. A great addition to his hunting boat and to our portfolio. Quack Quack!

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