Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Supplier: Trivantage LLC

Fabric 2

O'Sea Firma
Producer: O'Sullivan Films
Supplier: The Miami Corp.

Fabric 3

Solar Fix Thread
Producer: Solar Fix Thread
Supplier: The Miami Corp.

Fabric 4

YKK Zippers
Producer: YKK
Supplier: Trivantage LLC

Design Name
Rob Kotowski, Bob Kotowski

Design Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Fabrication Name
Rob Kotowski, Gregory Phillips, Jake Koch, Diana Boskovich, Laurie Boyle, Phyllis Gielow

Fabrication Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Project Manager Name
Rob Kotowski, Bob Kotowski

Project Manager Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Installation Name
Rob Kotowski, Gregory Phillips

Installation Company
Lake Shore Boat Top Company

Please describe the project specifications

This customer wanted to create a travel cover and enclosure that all could be used interchangeably depending on the situation. He wanted to have full protection while driving the boat with his wife as she always gets cold. He wanted something that was going to provide an easy way to cover up the boat and keep his 3 piece front window section of his enclosure up at all times.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The customer was "done" with his last canvas, which was perfect if he kept his boat on a trailer. However, since he keeps his boat in a slip at the marina he needed a creative design that would cover and protect the cockpit and upholstery while in port while also having a canvas design that would be quick and easy to remove and install so he could get on the water quick and easy. We wanted to build this enclosure to help block the elements (wind and rain) of the lake on an early spring or late fall day while fishing. We also made a two piece travel cover that allows him to leave his enclosure panels up even while having the travel cover on. This is a very popular design we offer for many boaters on the Great Lakes, and it sure does keep the boat drive and an easy option for many for an easy cover to put on and off!

What is unique or complex about the project?

The unique part of this project was the construction of the 2-piece travel cover that ties into a 3-piece front window telephone booth enclosure and still has the option to drive with the front cover attached keeping the entire boat dry and warm. We also designed small drop panels that would close off the front of the boat completely so that wind and water would not enter the boat. If elements were very cold for the customer, then the side wing panels we built would swing inward and connect to the lean post captain seat. This would completely enclose the driving helm so that no matter what elements the boat would be faced with he would have full protection.

What were the results of the project?

We feel we created an effective cover and t-top enclosure that could be used interchangeably depending on how many people you were entertaining or the weather. This is the first time we designed a center console like this having the separate tops function together as one. The customer used it over the July 4thholiday on the lake and multiple boaters approached him to see who did the canvas design. Now we have two similar projects to do this 2018 Winter!

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