Lonas Lorenzo S.A. De C.V. Guadalajara, JAL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Nowofol GmbH
Supplier: Nowofol GmbH

Fabric 2

Précontraint 1002 Formula S
Producer: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.
Supplier: Serge Ferrari North America Inc.

Engineer Name 1
Lonas Lorenzo

Engineer Company 1
Lonas Lorenzo

Design Name
Fernando Cardenas

Design Company
Grow Arquitectos

Architect Name
Cesar Eloy Perez

Architect Company
Lonas Lorenzo

Fabrication Company
Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV

Project Manager Company

Installation Company
Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV

Please describe the project specifications

The project consist in an elliptical compression ring covered with a blackout membrane to support a 600 m2 ETFE cushion supported by cables.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client asked to have an sight-seen structure that gives identity to the shopping mall, they planed originally to make a glass roof but the initial analysis gives a heavy structure, then we give the option to make an air supported structure supported by a ring that can be covered with a white membrane and to make a nice and big lamp that glows at night.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This structure is supported in four columns, the structural analysis need to consider the movement of the two buildings that support the structure and for that we need to release the movement in two directions to make it stable in case of an earthquake.
The structure were assembly completely on the steel shop and then separated in pieces to be transported to site.

What were the results of the project?

The cushion is incredible nice, you can see the sky trough it and the client is very happy with the quality of the result of the design and fabrication.

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