Covertex Membranes (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Shanghai, 31

Project Details

Fabric 1

Sky Top FGT-800
Producer: Chukoh Chemical Industries Ltd.
Supplier: Chukoh Chemical Industries Ltd.

Fabric 2

Producer: Asahi Kasei Fibers Corp.
Supplier: Asahi Kasei Fibers Corp.

Engineer Company 1
covertex membranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Design Company
Fabric Design & Engineering Co.,Ltd

Architect Company
H.P.Chueh Architects & Planners

Fabrication Company
covertex membranes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Project Manager Company
Fabric Design & Engineering Co.,Ltd

Installation Company
Fabric Design & Engineering Co.,Ltd

Please describe the project specifications

Tanmei elementary school is located in Taiwan Neihu District. Delicate, elegant, fashionable humanities and eco-friendly are the four characteristics of school buildings. The canopy combining PTFE with ETFE covers the corridor of the four-storey teaching building. The overall project included the engineering, supply, fabrication and installation.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

Tanmei elementary school is close to one of the most bustling street in Neihu District. How to cut off noise make sure a good learning quality become a priority. Architect take inspiration from the trellises laced with long vines in the farmhouse. This original shed frame structure can form a stable structural system within a certain span, interlaced arrangement of ETFE and PTFE membrane take the place of the leaves or vines. The new canopy will provide shade to the entire corridor and contribute to the noise reduction.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The overall design of the project was very unique-looking, it's a perfect combination of the optically-clear ETFE film and PTFE of low transmission. It could serve as the skylight and contribute to sunshade.
The surface area of this canopy is 538sqm, consisting of a total of 87 individual panels. These panels are of different sizes, average area is 6sqm. The allowable tolerance is very small, so the client requires very high precision during the fabrication and installation of steel and membrane.

What were the results of the project?

The project meets the sustainability of ecological environment of the campus. Tanmei elementary school has done successfully, the customer was satisfied with the results.

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