3D Exhibits Schaumburg, IL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Celtic Cloth
Producer: Fisher Textiles
Supplier: Fisher Textiles

Engineer Name 1
Mark Sidelnyk

Engineer Company 1
3D Exhibits

Design Name
Mike Mudry

Design Company
3D Exhibits

Fabrication Name
Mark Sidelynk

Fabrication Company
3D Exhibits

Subcontractor Name
Joe Florio

Subcontractor Company
Fabric Images

Graphics Company
Sign Works

Project Manager Name
Mark Sidelynk

Project Manager Company
3D Exhibits

Installation Company
Renaissance Management

Please describe the project specifications

Merck Animal Health’s exhibit at the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) 2018 was 90% fabric, including:
• Two nested fabric headers above the exhibit with wave form graphics that added texture to the display. The headers varied from approximately ten to six feet tall, with a total straight line length of almost 200 feet layered across the fifty-foot wide exhibit.
• An eight-foot tall curved fabric wall with product-specific graphics stretched across the center of the exhibit, dividing the exhibit into an interactive environment at the front and a private meeting area at the back of the exhibit. An 84-inch LED display and a storage closet were tucked inside the center wall.
• Three double-sided seven-foot tall curved fabric walls created the back of the exhibit. Two walls featured product-specific graphics. The center back wall featured a step and repeat of the Merck logo. One of the back walls hid a small storage closet within the fabric shell.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

Merck Animal Health attends VMX to connect with the 9,000 veterinarians and veterinary technicians at the show.

Specific objectives for Merck’s new exhibit at VMX 2018 were:
• Reinforce Merck’s status as a leading animal health company
• Increase awareness of Bravecto and Nobivac products
• Create a professional presence that is not sterile

What is unique or complex about the project?

The sweeping header on Merck’s exhibit owned the airspace at VMX 2018. Visible from everywhere on the trade show floor, the commanding element proclaimed: Merck is here.

The organic curves of the header work together with a center wall to divide the booth into a lively, interactive environment for all attendees at the front and a quieter, face-to-face meeting space for qualified prospects who wanted to learn more about Merck products at the back. The design provided exclusivity without interrupting sight lines or traffic flow.

Messaging hierarchy on the graphics within the booth effectively connects:
• Brand - Merck Animal Health
• Tag line – The Science of Healthier Animals
• Products – Bravecto and Nobivac graphics

Organic elements give the exhibit a warm feel, including:
• a distinctive wavy texture across the exhibit structure.
• bold graphics of cats and dogs
• oversized, round pendant lights
• wood tones
• grass elements

What were the results of the project?

Merck’s new exhibit program at VMX 2018 drove a 21% increase (vs prior year) in e-mail opt-ins for post-show follow up from Merck.

Merck Animal Health’s presence at VMX improved brand perception, product knowledge and intent to purchase, demonstrated in exit survey results.
• 90% of respondents learned something new about Merck Animal Health products as a result of attending the show.
• 69% of respondents said they now feel more positive about Merck Animal Health as a result of their visit to the VMX meeting.
• 53% of respondents said they are more likely to purchase Bravecto as a result of their experience in the Merck Animal Health booth.
• 43% of respondents said they are more likely to purchase Nobivac as a result of their experience in the Merck Animal Health booth.

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