Eureka! The Tent Co. Div. Johnson Outdoors Gear Inc. Binghamton, NY

Project Details

Please describe the project specifications

The Revolution Canopy was born from an idea of labor savings in the tent rental market for smaller and mid-size backyard parties, weddings, graduation parties and social events. Some 30' wide tension pole tents use 7.5' spacing between the side poles, making inventory, delivery, installation and take-down a real drain on the already strained workforce. We designed and field-tested the Revolution Party Canopy with 15' spacing between the side poles, designed the side pole fittings for use with web & ratchets and included a catenary webbing between the side poles. For the most popular backyard tent size, 30'x30' / 30'x45' / 30'x60', this new one-piece design with 15' spacing hits the mark.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

Many customers (tent rental companies) requested smaller, tension pole tents that were as beautiful as the larger, sectional tension pole tents on the market, but would help with labor and increase ROI. As more end-users are hosting backyard events and weddings, this was an area where rental companies can grow or expand their businesses. The Revolution Party Canopy has 15' side pole spacing - using half the number of side poles, web & ratchets and stakes than traditional pole canopies. With fewer poles and such, the initial cost-savings is huge. Add to that the labor savings during installation, take-down and inventory - and the ROI is unbelievable!

What is unique or complex about the project?

The Revolution Party Canopy is unique because it is the first 1-piece tension pole tent utilizing 15' side pole spacing. We field-tested the design for 8 months prior to introducing it to the tent rental market in the Fall of 2017.

What were the results of the project?

So far, the results have been quite favorable. The product introduction in the Fall of 2017 was better than anticipated, with most rental companies positive about the new product. The Revolution Party Canopy is use across the US and many rental companies are reporting an initial labor savings 25-30%, and they expect to get even more labor savings as their crews become more experienced with the product. In addition, the end-users have use words like "spacious, open and airy" to describe their event under a Revolution Party Canopy.

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