Eide Industries Inc. Cerritos, CA

Project Details

Fabric 1

Tenara 4T40HF Architectural Fabric
Producer: SEFAR AG, Architectural Fabrics
Supplier: SEFAR AG, Architectural Fabrics

Fabric 2

Producer: SEFAR AG, Architectural Fabrics
Supplier: SEFAR AG, Architectural Fabrics

Design Company
Clark Construction Group LLC

Architect Company
Perkins Eastman DC

Fabrication Name
Michele Roth-Taylor

Fabrication Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Subcontractor Name
Dick Trump

Subcontractor Company
Berlin Steel Construction Company

Project Manager Name
Matt Aulbach

Project Manager Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Installation Name
Albert Soto

Installation Company
Eide Industries, Inc.

Please describe the project specifications

- Total Lantern Fabric Surface Area is 2,780 SQFT
- Qty (17) Small Lanterns 3’x3’x10’ tall, 120 SQFT fabric each.
- Qty (2) Large Lanterns 5’x5’x18’6” tall, 370 SQFT each.
- Tenara 4T40HF EL-35-T1 Fabric by SEFAR
- One Terrace Canopy using at 13’-6” Wide by 79’-6” Long.
- Approx. total coverage area is 1,073 SQFT
- SEFAR Architecture EL-40-T1
- Engineered 30 PSF Roof Snow Loads
- Engineered 115 MPH Wind Loads, Exposure D
- Seismic Design Category B

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The Wharf re-establishes Washington, D.C. as a waterfront city and destination. This remarkable, mile-long stretch along the Potomac River comes to life with restaurants, retailers, residences, and businesses—all complemented by monumental views and a vibrant culture.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Part of the new renovation includes (17) 3' square x 10’ tall and (2) 5' square x 18'-6" tall tensioned Fabric Lantern Shades that are fixed to 24’ tall poles. The array of lights illuminates the entire waterfront walkway for a safe and festive atmosphere.

A versatile Terrace Canopy (13'-6" projection x 79'-6" long) was also implemented along the waterfront as a seating area out of the harsh elements of the hot summer sun or those cold snowy winters.

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