Fred's Tents & Canopies Inc. Waterford, NY

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Snyder Mfg Inc.
Supplier: Snyder Mfg Inc.

Fabric 2

Vinyl, Clear
Producer: OTHER
Supplier: OTHER

Design Name
Fred Tracy

Design Company
Fred's Tents

Fabrication Name
Fred's Tents

Fabrication Company
Fred's Tents

Graphics Name
Fred's Tents

Graphics Company
Fred's Tents

Installation Name
Fred's Tents

Installation Company
Fred's Tents

Please describe the project specifications

The Garden Tent is a beautiful multi tiered tent that offers several unique features. This 40'x45', 5 track frame tent features a dual annex layout with decorative accents. The clear walls feature a distinctive window grid. The roof panel is a translucent vinyl, while one set of gables shows off a printed graphic element.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

At the request of our customers, we designed a tent that offers a distinctive look. With the ability to change the fabric as well as the color of the framework, our customers can create a completely custom look.

This look was inspired by The Conservatory at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. We used decorative architectural elements and a mixture of green, clear and translucent material to help transform our tent into something more eye catching.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Designing a tent to create an environment indicative of a breath taking green house is no easy task. The goal was to create a frame with ornamental design work, a powder coated finish and fabric accents that make you feel like you are in a garden oasis.

The Garden Tent design is easily transformable. In addition to the garden them, we have designed this tent to replicate a rustic barn feel. Changing the color of the aluminum frame, along with adding printed wooden fabric walls and gables can change the appearance completely to match a rustic theme.

What were the results of the project?

The Garden Tent was unveiled at the 2019 IFAI show in Orlando, Florida. The combination of the green metal framework, the decorative rings, the accenting fabric along with the flowers and plant displays brought our vision of The Garden Tent to life!

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