FTL Design Engineering Studio New York, NY

Project Details

Fabric 1

Shelter-Rite 8028
Producer: Seaman Corp.
Supplier: Seaman Corp.

Engineer Name 1
Erik Smith

Engineer Company 1
FTL Design Engineering Studio

Design Name
Ashish Soni

Design Company
FTL Design Engineering Studio

Architect Name
Matt Hilyard

Architect Company
FTL Design Engineering Studio

Fabrication Name
Total Truss

Fabrication Company
Total Truss

Subcontractor Name
Rainier Industries

Subcontractor Company
Rainier Industries

Project Manager Name
Josy Dussek

Project Manager Company
City Parks Foundation

Installation Name
NYC Dept of Parks

Please describe the project specifications

Twenty years ago, we designed an outdoor performance facility for free concerts in Central Park called SummerStage. This facility and the program has grown over the ensuing years and the facility needed to be upgraded for larger performances, heavier lighting loads, and a better user experience. Central Parks Foundation invited us in 2015 to start developing a new design. We redesigned the entire demountable facility which remains a seasonal facility, installed in the Spring and taken down in the Fall. The new stage cover is 25% larger than the old one and covers 4,000 sq ft covering a robust truss lighting system below. The bleachers and member decking used a stepped Layher scaffolding system which created a amphitheater feeling to the space. Fabric banners laced to the scaffolding create branding and provide color to the SummerStage facility.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The Client wanted an upgrade to the 20 year old facility which was a bit small, not able to accommodate larger acts and also improve the user experience to the facility.

What is unique or complex about the project?

As the the project is located in the most precious real estate in New York City, Central Park, the project had to be approved by the Landmarks Commission, the Public Design Commission, the Central Parks Conservancy, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the three local Community Boards. In addition, the project had to be installed by a crew in a 4 week period and dismantled in even less time. The site has unique specimen trees and the facility had to be designed to incorporate these trees while providing good sight-lines for the spectators in the facility. The fabric structure had to be designed for full wind loading, yet remain demount-able for winter storage.

What were the results of the project?

The director of the Central Park Foundation, Heather Lubov who runs SummerStage, said, "Everyone loved your design. It makes the space feel so much more intimate. And everyone loves that there are multiple levels from which to experience the space. It just feels like a new venue, and we're so very proud."

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