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The 80’s will always have a place in the hearts of many. Cybersecurity solution provider ObserveIT had a retro-themed 80’s vision for its trade show exhibit at RSA 2019, using the fun feel to drive home its message on the risks that old school technology brings to today’s security challenges.

The entirety of the two-story 20x20 experience was an homage to the era - complete with Atari and Nintendo game systems, a Lava Lamp, Etch A Sketch, and even ObersveIT movie posters that gave a nod to 80's movies such as Blade Runner and E.T.

And topping it all - the unmissable, larger-than-life DeLorean car-shaped hanging fabric sign. Iconically conjuring the hit flick “Back to the Future,” ObserveIT’s DeLorean car structure had a length of 15’2” with slightly increased scale compared to true life dimensions. The unconventional hanging sign grabbed attention with its dynamic pitch and roll.

Even with such a big visual impact, the frame and fabric of the DeLorean aerial sculpture weighed just 155 lbs. The enclosed 3D structure used printed StretchTex fabric with an opaque liner and featured branding on multiple facets of the structure.

“Our client had a wonderful vision for their fun 1980’s themed INFOSEC exhibit. They challenged us to design and deliver a literal ‘flying car’ to hang boldly above their booth. I thought ‘how can we pull this off?’ Your dedication to the craft and immeasurable knowledge of materials and process helped us take the project to an entirely new level,” said Tyson Vasapoli, Senior Design / Production Specialist, Sacks.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client requested a flying car structure very specific to their 80's exhibit theme. The fully retro exhibit environment was a literal and entertaining interpretation of "old school" technology.

What is unique or complex about the project?

In crafting the iconic DeLorean, we collaborated heavily to ensure critically aligned artwork meshed precisely with the shape’s crisp angles, that printed color and headlight effects were exactly as desired, and that the fabric skin fit to perfection on the fully enclosed frame.

What were the results of the project?

Sacks Exhibits and ObserveIT raved about the success of the booth in driving home its message, as industry members connected with the fun experience, and extended their dwell time in the booth to play 80’s video games.

“Our client, along with everyone else who saw it at the show, was completely blown away. We not only met their challenge but absolutely crushed it, and you were instrumental in that success,” said Tyson Vasapoli, Senior Design / Production Specialist, Sacks.

ObserveIT remarked “we were beyond impressed with how amazingly well you brought the DeLorean to life. Fantastic job!”

Media coverage of the show included ObserveIT’s inclusion in “20 Wild and Wacky Scenes” by the industry site CRN that noted the booth “had plenty of retro-themed fun” while shining a light on outdated technologies and risky user activities.

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