Sand Sea & Air Interiors Inc. San Juan, PR

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: OTHER
Supplier: OTHER

Fabric 2

Mayer Charette
Producer: Robeco

Fabrication Name
Josean Negron

Fabrication Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Project Manager Name
Alayna Nicole Wool

Project Manager Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Installation Name
Children's Playground New Upholstery

Installation Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Please describe the project specifications

A high-end luxury shopping mall, whose main attraction is a giant indoor foam playground. The high traffic area needed to be reupholstered, just 1 year year after the opening of the mall! Because the area is used daily and is a main reason for families to come to the mall, the area had to remain open. We worked the project in 2 phases, the mall supplied a retainer wall during the fabrication so we could have day time access to the area. However, to remove or install any part of the seating we were only granted access between 9pm and 9 am.
The reupholstery of the perimeter booth seating curled around ran 160 wavy feet of all custom undulating curves of the large semi-circular heavily worn out sitting booth and panels of children’s play area. Hurricane Maria was another threat to the project, affecting the shopping mall, breaking glass and causing havoc, to our luck and blessings we got approved .

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The purpose was to replace a beaten and battered vinyl that failed to to withstand the wear, tear and pressure submitted by constant physical activity. Therefore our clients requested high standard quality materials. The client also specified that all of the seams be reinforced with Dacron tape and top stitched with the seam woking. Manufacturing and logistics concerning long term durability , flexibility and color fading prevention methods. As well as a reconfiguration of the seams, so that the wear would be better.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The immense size of the seating area, it was about the size of a football field! We had to divide the area in 2 phases, in order to keep 1/2 open. when we were working on the 2nd phase the new first half was recieving double the mistreatment.
The complex concave and convex custom curves for each of the 44 pieces that we fabricated and installed. It was a challenge to add the “estimated” amount of deteriorated foam to all of the corners and ensure that the overall height of the seats and backs matches up!
Originally the seating area was fabricated by several different contractors causing all of the foams to be different densities, some had headliner foam on top of the seat causing sagging, other backs had the material contact cemented straight to the foam. The curves of the seating would make the material wrinkled and the glue did not hold strongly because of the specially dense foam.
The capacity and strength of its materials and manufacturing to withstand the physical impact of children constantly submitting it in a daily basis to withstand the pressure and deterioration.
Partial foam replacement, to save the client dollars based on replacing only the necessary areas. Also, the foam was highly deteriorated making it a challenge.
Full research and logistics indicated the use high threshold materials, to prevent harmful damage and create resilience, while making it easy to clean and maintain on a daily basis, on this tough tropical atmosphere.
Based on the custom radius of each seat cushion we invented a custom curved grater to grate the foam down to the curvature we need.
The original seating was formed with soft balsa wood and would not hold up to the severe treatment the kids hold it to. We had to install additional brackets to ensure no panels would fall off and use special screws for the installation.

What were the results of the project?

First, results were hundreds of happy children! Our client was thrilled to have a beautiful new upholstered area for her clients to relax on with their families. The area is also able to be kept sanitary now. Another result is that the client does not want any contractor other than us to lay hands on the area to clean or maintain the cushions. They were happy with a project not only beautiful but also strong and reliable especially this project was a very positive result as small businesses after hurricane Maria, she hit hard the shopping mall and our shop and projects like these highly contribute to the renewal and growth of Puerto Rico.

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