Sand Sea & Air Interiors Inc. San Juan, PR

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Keyston Bros.

Fabrication Name
Josean Negron

Fabrication Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Subcontractor Name
Mars Defa

Subcontractor Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Project Manager Name
Alayna Nicole Wool

Project Manager Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Installation Name
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Installation Company
Sand Sea and Air Interiors

Please describe the project specifications

To fully restore back to its classic beauty the everlasting world famous creation from Ray and Charles Eames, honoring the complexity and workmanship of this unique piece of design.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client wanted us to restore her 1976 Original Eames lounger back to its original luster, with a fun vinyl, which would help bring down costs.
She also wanted to ensure that we would not damage the chair or do anything that would decrease the value of the chair.
When we were faced with the challenge the chair had been severely mistreated. Including several animals had used it as a litter-box for years. To even begin to work on the chair we had to "bomb" the inserts and soak them for 72 hours.

What is unique or complex about the project?

Every part of the construction of the chair is a masterpiece of genius. Once you have the opportunity to sit in one you will instantly be in a safe nook, like having baseball glove nest. To sew the seat it is like a inside out luggage and you need to have notches every 1/16 of a inch in order for the material not to shift even the slightest. The timeless icon of design, comfort and beauty could all be lost forever, if we did not ensure the utmost white glove treatment we risked the chair could be ruined. Just to be able to work on a piece of this caliber is an honor.

What were the results of the project?

Charles and Ray Eames would be smiling, firsthand knowing that we did everything as authentically as possible to honor their design. Our client was satisfied beyond that which words can describe, our team exceeded expectations even restoring the wood and metal base to better than ever!

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