Miami Awning Co/Thomas Awnings Miami, FL

Project Details

Fabric 1

Producer: Herculite Products Inc.
Supplier: Trivantage LLC

Design Name
Daniel Reilly

Design Company
Miami Awning Company

Fabrication Name
Daniel Reilly

Fabrication Company
Miami Awning Company

Project Manager Name
Gus Rotella

Project Manager Company
Miami Awning Company

Installation Name
Joseph Reilly

Installation Company
Miami Awning Company

Please describe the project specifications

This project is a custom Octagon shaped stationary bar canopy that is 36’-4” x 36’-4” and a total height of 5’-11” high; over a custom outdoor bar by the pool. The shape of the canopy is a reflection of the concrete foundation beam around the perimeter of the bar underneath. The canopy has arched radiused trusses that are attached to a special center radiused hub. The fabric for the canopy is Patio 538 Parchment by Herculite.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?

The client previously had a canopy over the center of the bar and individual awnings around the perimeter of the concrete supporting beam. Due to hurricanes Irma and Maria, much of the resort was in need of reconstruction and the client wanted to once again feature the Snorkels Pool Bar with a new canopy. They wanted something that would highlight the Pool bar and go well with the various new elements that were being added to the property and adjacent to the bar. They needed more weather protection for patrons and wanted a contemporary design that would work well with the refurbished pool area and elements of their property.

What is unique or complex about the project?

This custom canopy was designed to work with the existing concrete foundation beam that was already there. Precise measurements were taken and the considerations of the client were considered for the new design. Since the project is overseas, the frame work would need to fit into overseas shipping containers. To accomplish the Octagon shape, a custom center hub was designed with a 4’-0” diameter to support the trussed framework and cupola. Trusses were designed to radiate from the inner center hub to the outer perimeter beams. The entire structure is built from structural aluminum tubing and powder coated with a white textured finish. To verify that the canopy would fit in place properly, the entire structure was assembled in the factory and disassembled for packing. All joining elements were labeled for ease of assembly on the job site. This assisted to make the installation a smooth process.

What were the results of the project?

The client is extremely pleased with the new Pool Bar Canopy for the Snorkels Bar. It has provided the solution the client wanted for the resort’s pool-bar renovation. Guests can relax and enjoy the tropical surroundings while under the cool shade of the canopy. Staff enjoy working under the canopy - while preparing guests their tropical refreshments and appetizers. The new Snorkels Bar canopy attracts guests to come and enjoy themselves. It is a center piece that highlights the spectacular quarter-acre pool and picturesque beach there at the resort.

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