VECTOR Shade Structures

Project Details

Fabric 1

Monotec 370 fabric
Primary Use: Main Fabric

Fabric 2

Stainless steel hardware
Producer/Manufacturer: Miami Stainless

Engineer Name 1
Damien O’Mara

Engineer Company 1
DCO Engineers

Design Name
Sam Burke

Design Company
VECTOR Shade Structures

Fabrication Name
Tim Barron

Fabrication Company
SOS Fabrication

Project Manager Name
Mark Evans

Project Manager Company
VECTOR Shade Structures

Installation Company
VECTOR Shade Structures

Please describe the project specifications

The local council is being very proactive in the of sun protection over its playgrounds due to the extreme heat generated by the harsh Australian summer sun. We have been working with the City of Gold Coast council for many years, creating shade solutions. Most of the time the client sets a specific design that want, i.e., basic hip and ridge, hyper etc. On this occasion the basic options wouldn’t work.
We provided “the claw” design that gave them the required shade protection for the play equipment all year round.

What is unique or complex about the project?

The area that the client requested to be covered was over 2 levels and there were several meters in difference. Around the perimeter of the lower area was electrical services and the soil report showed bed rock at 600mm.
We were also restricted by the Australian Standards for Playgrounds and fall zones. We completed a full 3D digital survey and created a 1 off design that not only gave the client all the protection they required but looks great too.
The footings were engineered to a pad design and set below the fall areas. The base plates to the post were sealed in soft fall rubber to further protect the children. All the steel framing was design to connect above the canopy to create a clean finish.
We created a custom design tensioning system that is individual for each section of the structure as every sail component is a unique shape. All the cables were custom made to ensure when tensioned each canopy looks it best
A unique not out of the box structure and a great finished product with a very happy client.

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