Project details

Fabric name: ETFE
Fabric producer: Nowofol GmbH
Fabric supplier: Nowofol GmbH
Engineer: Sergio Leiva, Z3rch Berlin- FTL / Rodolfo Ulloa, Lonas Lorenzo Design: MAC Arquitectos / Lonas Lorenzo / Stev Bringman, 3DTex
Architect: Gonzalo Montaño Estrada, MAC Arquitectos / Cesar Eloy Perez, Lonas Lorenzo
Fabrication: Novum Membranes GmbH / Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Subcontractor: Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Project manager: Cesar Eloy Perez, Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Installation: Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Photos: Arq. Cesar Eloy

Please describe the project specifications.
Is the first ETFE roof in the history of Mexico, located in one of the famous neighborhood in the city of Monterrey. The project was conceived to be meeting point to the new shopping mall in the neighborhood of San Pedro Garza Garcia. The structure consist of tree-like steel masts witch support a “honeycomb“ covering steel structure. The panels of the honey were covered by ETFE cushions, the cushions are transparent on the bottom and white on the top.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?
The clients was asking for a shade and they want something spectacular and unique, something totally different to the existing structures, they wanted lightweight and translucent, inicialy they where planing to install a tensile PVC membrane structure, they already has the engineering drawings and part of the suports and then we need to use the same point to support the new structure. The architect was looking for alternatives until he get the ETFE solution as material, by then our team and the architect where sketching different ideas to get a shape that goes out of any other design ever make in Mexico, and then we realize that this will be the first structure in the Country and the second in Latin america.

What is unique or complex about the project?
This first ETFE structure in Mexico came with a lot of difficulties because our company knew the material but never work with it before, then everything in the process was new for us, from the drawings to the construction, for the ETFE we have the expertise of a German company that help us to develop all the engineering and confection of the ETFE, we where involve in all the process to be sure that everything was constructed as the plan, the honeycomb shape was welded on site first in a second place near to the site, then we split the structure to be transported and placed on site. The ETFE cover has been constructed with 100 cushions which were mounted in a record time of 12 days.

What were the results of the project?
As the result of all the intensive work, we get a beautiful structure with a different solution, the shape of the columns, the honeycomb, the lighting makes that the project looks awesome in the location, the people in the site likes how it looks and it has become a sight seen in the area, the client and the architect are very happy with the result and we are working with them to develop new projects.

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