Project details

Fabric name: Patio 500
Fabric producer: John Boyle & Co.
Fabric supplier: Trivantage LLC
Engineer: Cesar Castillo P.E.
Design: KCG Architects / Miami Awning Co.
Architect: KCG Architects
Fabrication: Miami Awning Company
Project manager: Gus Rotella, Miami Awning Company
Installation: Daniel Reilly, Miami Awning Company
Location: Davie, Florida

Please describe the project specifications.
This project features a very “striking” free-standing entrance canopy that is 16’-0” long x 8’4” wide to greet clients and employees at their corporate offices. Posts are 6 inches in diameter. (5) Special plate rafters taper from 11-1/2” in the back to 3 inches in diameter at the front. The back of the canopy has a clearance of 7’-6” and the front has a clearance of 9’-3” above ground level. Translucent Patio 500 fabric covers the framework to let the maximum amount of light through. The canopy is free-standing and is a cantilevered design.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?
The client had just merged to become Stryker Mako. They wanted an exceptional new entrance canopy for their facility that would reflect their expertise. They worked with an architect who proposed a few designs. The design that was chosen is based on a part from their robotic assisted surgical system used for performing hip and knee replacement. The design originally incorporated glass for the top, but our sales representative showed how a translucent fabric would also be able to be used to cover the entrance.

What is unique or complex about the project?
This entrance canopy frame is engineered to be able to cantilever so only (2) posts would be used to support the entire structure. It was also fabricated with specially made with 1/4″ galvanized steel plate “rafters”. A pattern of specially cut holes were laser cut into each rafter to reflect a part from their robotic surgical system. The front of the plate seamlessly matches the 3 inch diameter front bar and the 6 inch diameter back pipe is made to look like it effortlessly threads through the (5) special laser cut rafters. Translucent fabric is attached with canvas track to the frame and laced above the 6 inch diameter cross pipe. This creates a beautifully patterned silhouette of rafter arms. The entire frame was assembled and welded in the factory and taken out to the jobsite in one piece. Special care was used in welding, the finish of the canopy and installation to produce this impressive entrance canopy for the client.

What were the results of the project?
The entrance canopy is unique and compliments the entrance to Stryker Mako. Their firm is innovative and possesses unique capabilities in the biomedical and orthopedic industry. The canopy is unlike any other. It is “Striking” in its look and greets clients as they enter the office complex. The client is very happy with the outcome of the canopy as it reflects their talent and technology, while providing the curbside appearance and weather protection they were looking for.

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