Project details

Fabric 1 name: Sunbrella
Fabric 1 producer: Glen Raven Custom Fabrics LLC
Fabric 1 supplier: Trivantage LLC
Fabric 2 name: Vinyl, Clear
Fabric 2 producer: TMI
Fabric 2 supplier: TMI
Fabric 3 name: #10 Coil Zipper
Fabric 3 producer: YKK
Fabric 3 supplier: Trivantage LLC
Fabric 4 name: Snaps
Fabric 4 producer: Fas Snap
Fabric 4 supplier: Fas Snap
Design: Eric Sevy, Sugar House Awning Industries
Project manager: Eric Sevy, Sugar House Awning Industries
Installation: Rhett Dee, Sugar House Awning Industries
Location: Midvale, Utah

Please describe the project specifications.
We created five custom panels patterned to fit the custom roll cage of a 2015 Polaris RZR 1000. We used Sunbrella fabric for all five panels and used clear vinyl in four of the panels to be used as windows. We also incorporated #10 coil zippers to be able to roll down the windows in the enclosure panels as needed. We also utilized a combination of snaps, stacking snaps, and magnets to install the enclosure on to the machine.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?
Our client wanted to enclose his Polaris RZR to keep the dust out while on outings with his family. He also had a heater installed that was not efficient on colder expeditions, and needed to trap in the warm air. The client also specified the importance of the enclosure being tight to the vehicle to ensure that it would not catch the wind while traveling at high speeds.

What is unique or complex about the project?
Our client was concerned with how the enclosure would be installed. He wanted minimal snaps installed in the roll cage, so not to compromise the integrity of the roll cage. Being in the marine industry a large portion of the installs are done with snaps. Our client presented us with the unique opportunity to use a new system using a minimal amount of snaps; and instead securing the enclosure with a system of heavy duty magnets which lapped over the panels. This was a particular challenge as the magnets had to be placed before we patterned the machine so we could overlap the panels properly.

What were the results of the project?
Our client was genuinely pleased with our work and how quickly we were able to manufacture his enclosure. The enclosure we produced covered all of the requirements of our client as well as making the overall look of his machine even more impressive.

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