Project details

Fabric name: Precontrain 1402 Formula S
Fabric producer: Ferrari S.A.
Fabric supplier: Ferrari S.A.
Engineer: Ing. Rodolfo Ulloa, Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Design: Arq. Eduardo Moreno Guizar, Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Architect: Arq. Eduardo Moreno Guizar, Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Fabrication: Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV, Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Subcontractor: Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Project manager: Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Installation: Lonas Lorenzo SA de CV
Location: Santa Fe, Mexico DF
Photos: Arq. Cesar Eloy / Arq. Alejandro Guadarrama

Please describe the project specifications.
This is a tensile structure was solved with the less steel possible, over some mast on the perimeter and one suspended mast in the center on the top of an existing building to cover from the rain and sun light.

What was the purpose of this project? What did the client request?
The client wanted to be protected from the sun light and rain protection, they need to be supported on the top of two different buildings and they are not allowed to carry to much weight.

What is unique or complex about the project?
The solution for the anchoring on the top of the building we need to design a system based on movable connections to in order to don’t transmit big loads to the building and we need to solve the big area between buildings.

What were the results of the project?
the result its a big lightweight structure that helps to avoid the problems that the client ask, the people in the school is now protected and they are satisfied with the project.

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